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With the world facing serious crises – environmental, economic, political and social – more than ever we need innovative, collaborative, ethical and sustainable approaches to making fundamental changes, from the bottom up. 

Commons are groups of people who work together to build resources that are shared by that group. Members work together to decide how they will create and use what they produce. Groups are organised in democratic and non-hierarchical ways that usually feature transparent communication, collective decision-making, and a focus on the wellbeing of the group, its members, and environment. 

inCommons seeks to bring people and movements together from across the world, and to help share and enhance their knowledge and efforts. We invite you to join us!

Courses and events

MCA courses and events

inCommons is building a “Masters” of Commons Administration (MCA). This independent course will be free to interested learners of all levels, and taster sessions are already under way, from Brighton, to Bristol, to the Lake District.

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About us

We are a group of scholars, activists, and organisers – commoners all! – who want to understand the world better in order to change it. We have experience in many areas and are keen to explore many more. Come join us!


A dynamic collection shared by members of inCommons and fellow commoners. These resources could be useful for anyone working towards social and environmental justice, and can create the basis for shared conversations. 


How we are funded

inCommons is not for profit, free to communities and independent learners, and only pursues ethical funding. That is why we rely on friends and allies to help support this work. Could you help? If you are interested in supporting us you can can find out more here.


What our participants have to say

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